Best Tuna Fish Recipes Have An International Flair

Best tuna fish recipes include classics such as tuna salad sandwiches, and tuna-noodle casserole. But they must also include new variations on those old standards, and a host of more adventurous tuna concoctions that taste divine.
The introduction of flavoured tuna has broadened the scope of tuna recipes. With a variety of flavoured tunas available – everything from tomato and onion to lemon pepper to spicy Thai chili -- it's easy to make a tasty dish using only a few ingredients.
And with cuisines from around the world influencing Canadian tastes, there are many ways to use tuna that incorporate international recipes and ingredients.
Here's a sampling of tuna recipes available online:
  • Tuna Salad Gougere. This French-inspired "pie” combines tuna with celery, apples, almonds, and mayonnaise. Topped with Swiss cheese, this is a taste delight, perfect for a dinner party or a special family meal.
  • Wasabi-Ginger Salad. This easy- to-prepare salad takes about 15 minutes, and features the tangy taste of pickled ginger and Asian wasabi. It can be served on a bed of mesclun greens or on whole-grain bread.
  • Curry Tuna Pasta. Pasta sauces containing tuna are a staple in Italy, and are gaining popularity in Canadian restaurants. This one spotlights the flavours of India, with curry paste, lime juice, tuna, yoghurt and coriander mingling together in the sauce. When the sauce is poured over fresh tortiglioni, this dish becomes a blend of two delicious cultures.
Explore the many exciting tuna recipes available for today's families. They're the best!
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